Explore the Future of Meeting Rooms with Yealink Products at BIS

In the rapidly evolving business world, it is crucial to stay at the forefront of innovation. ... read more

06-10-2023 12:00

Econocom awarded the Ecovadis Gold Medal

The Econocom Group, a responsible digital entrepreneur, has been awarded the Ecovadis gold ... read more

04-07-2023 09:29

Bart De Smedt appointed Director at BIS|Econocom Belux

In the past Bart has held various management positions at Cheops. Christophe Vanmalleghem, ... read more

05-09-2022 08:40

The collaboration solution for today's education

Our educational institutions are facing new challenges. How do they ensure learning continues, ... read more

06-01-2021 15:31

Will these 5 AV trends (continue to) spread in 2021?

Since the lockdown in March, the workplace in the office has quite a new look. Some companies ... read more

15-12-2020 09:24

Dive into the hybrid office for a fixed monthly fee

A changing market calls for a changing company. Even if investments are not high priorities, ... read more

08-12-2020 10:04

The easiest way to reserve and manage workstations

We are happy that more colleagues can meet at the office again. But for the time being, we are ... read more

09-08-2020 16:17

Municipalities, schools and funeral organisations discover the potential of streaming technology

In times when groups of people cannot get together, but where good communication is more ... read more

02-08-2020 12:00

Working together in a 1.5 metres distance keeping office. How?

All facility managers are fully engaged with it. And so are many non-facility managers. How are ... read more

22-07-2020 16:06

The 8 most common mistakes when streaming meetings

We meet more and more clients who want to have their meetings and events, live or on-demand ... read more

12-07-2020 14:09

BIS|Econocom facilitates working from home for 100,000 government employees in two weeks’ time

To ensure that central government employees could work productively and effectively from home ... read more

06-07-2020 16:05

7 pitfalls when implementing a narrowcasting system

Perhaps you have been instructed to purchase a narrowcasting system for your organisation. Or ... read more

01-07-2020 14:04

6 considerations when setting up your video conferencing room

Video conferencing is hot. It is currently high on the agenda for a lot of facility managers and ... read more

25-06-2020 13:47

Why pay for video conferencing when you can get it for free?

Video conferencing has really taken off in the business world. Cameras and displays have become ... read more

14-06-2020 11:54

Whenever investing is out of the question... there are more possibilities than you think.

A changing market calls for a changing company. Even if investments are not high priorities, ... read more

02-06-2020 12:02

Six pitfalls when setting up your video conferencing room

They are found in many organisations. Conference rooms which are modern furnished and have all ... read more

10-05-2020 11:27

Why would you continue working with Microsoft Teams after corona?

The last few weeks we are 'obliged' to adopt the communication rules. The first days with ... read more

09-04-2020 10:46

How to keep equipment clean during a pandemic

Hygiene is important for touchscreens and anything with a hard switch at the best of times. Now ... read more

07-04-2020 14:11

Ongoing collaboration in these dark days

The coronavirus has been dominating the headlines for weeks and is now leaving a strong mark on ... read more

20-03-2020 12:11

8 do's and don'ts for teleworking

Online meetings will become an important part of our routine in the coming days and weeks. The ... read more

20-03-2020 11:51

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