Huddle Solutions

Complete line-up of Huddle Solutions for informal and ad hoc meetings

From time to time, many organisations need to hold ad hoc meetings with a few people for informal team talks or collaboration on a project. In order to meet this need, BIS|Econocom has developed a full line-up of Huddle Solutions that consists of several all-in-one solutions that invite you to work together quickly and efficiently. All the Huddle Solutions are available in different colour schemes and with different furniture, so the solution fits your environment seamlessly.

All-in-one solution

The Huddle Solutions are modular solutions that can be placed freely in a room. Our Huddles offer room for teams of up to five people, depending on the design. These collaborative spots are all equipped with the latest 49-inch (124 cm) LED/LCD screen, 230V, USB and wireless charging capabilities, and the ability to display both a wired and wireless display from the screen of a laptop or mobile device. Using smart sensors, when someone enters the Huddle the display switches on automatically and provides instructions to them about how to connect their device. This ensures anybody can make use of Huddle Solutions.

Fixed modules ensure uniformity and flexibility

There are several Huddles available. There are standing and sitting options, with more and less privacy. Because all Huddle Solutions are completely modular, you can take advantage of a number of benefits. For example, you can choose to place various different Huddles around your organisation while maintaining uniformity; both in aesthetics and technology. Because the appearance and use of the various Huddles is basically the same, each Huddle can be used for specific applications with the same convenience: a temporary work place, anchor point, collaboration point, etc. And because the Huddles are self-contained, moving them is not a problem, which ensures you can be completely flexible with respect to the layout of your room(s).

Available in grey and white

Huddle Solutions are all white, or completely grey. The matte finish gives the furniture a chic look without annoying fingerprints. Because the different Huddles are modular, the delivery time for a Huddle is very short. If you wish, you could be using the solution at your office within a few weeks.

The ideal solution for small meetings!

In short, Huddles are developed with a focus on functionality, short-notice meetings, easily manageable and costing a fraction of a complete meeting room. Huddle Solutions is therefore the ideal solution for small ad hoc meetings within any organisation.

The Huddle Solutions line-up consists of:

Huddle Active

Huddle Lounge

Huddle Focus
Huddle Engage
Huddle Coupé

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