Audiovisual Presentations

Training Audiovisual Presentations

Skills training, in which you will learn how to optimally use your equipment and how to give attractive and innovative presentations with images and sound.

The audiovisual & ICT solutions by BIS|Econocom are often hi-tech. Nevertheless, they can be operated easily and intuitively. It has become clear that in actual practice many users restrict their use of presentation equipment to standard functions, so they do not profit fully from the options provided by their realised AV &ICT solutions.

In order to make sure that the user in your organisation uses their presentation equipment optimally, BIS|Econocom offers you the extensive and interactive BIS|Econocom training Audiovisual Presentations on-site, which deals with all options of your realised solutions. We discuss the specific benefits in comparison with your current working method, and we teach users how to responsibly use the installed equipment.

Contents of the training Audiovisual Presentations

  • Connecting your equipment (PC/laptop/iPad/etc.)
  • Choosing the correct set-up
  • The use of lighting
  • Influence of external factors
  • Turning on the projector or flat panel display
  • Choosing the source
  • Diversity in video/audio connectors
  • Ratio-resolution aspect
  • Useful tips & tricks
  • Application in practice


  • Please contact BIS|Econocom

Target group

  • Everybody who uses their own audiovisual equipment during meetings, presentations and trainings.

Number of participants

  • Max. 6 persons per session
  • This training comes with a training folder (1 per group)

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