DS as a service

Carefree communication for a fixed monthly fee

Do you want to communicate effectively with your target groups without having to look at your Digital Signage solution? Digital signage as a BIS|Econocom service makes this possible. BIS|Econocom really makes it easy for you with this service. We install the solution that you require, act as the hosting provider, ensure that content is up-to-date and that your communication message is optimally displayed, take care of maintenance and provide software updates. All of this for a fixed monthly fee.

The advantages of digital signage as a service:

  • Acquire a digital signage solution without investment
  • High level of reliability and security
  • No need to worry about the design of your communication message
  • Scalability and flexibility, so no capacity problems
  • Works on a contract basis

In addition to this comprehensive service, you can also depend on BIS|Econocom for services such as advice, design, installation, maintenance and training. You can read everything about this under the description of BIS|Econocom services.

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