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Skills training in digital and interactive brainstorming, teaching and training

Interactive whiteboards and LCD/LED touch screens have become a fixed element in more and more classrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. This is not surprising, seeing that these solutions offer powerful options to transfer information in an interactive and attractive way. It is exactly due to the high level of interaction that the participants in the meeting, brainstorm sessions or lessons are more involved, make a more substantially relevant contribution and retain knowledge easier.

The BIS|Econocom Training Interactive Presenting offers each user in your organisation the opportunity to optimally and efficiently use your whiteboards and LCD/LED touch screens. Furthermore, the users learn all the ins and outs of the software during the training, and they also receive tips & tricks to optimally use the powerful benefits of interactive presentation.

Contents of the training Interactive whiteboard/touch screen

  • Starting up the software application
  • Calibration of the hardware
  • Use of the whiteboard application
  • Explanation about the buttons
  • Saving and/or exporting files
  • Combination with other Windows applications
  • Application of interactive whiteboard in combination with MS PowerPoint


  • Please contact BIS|Econocom

Target group
  • The training is intended for all users of your interactive whiteboard(s) or touch screen(s).

Number of participants

  • Max. 6 persons per session
  • This training comes with a training folder (1 per group)

Software installation

You or your ICT department install the software. If the software is not (properly) installed, the trainer will use his own laptop.

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