Service Agreements

Programme complet de services préventives et correctives

The SLAs entitle you to performance of one or more of the specified services by BIS|Econocom. Naturally, the nature of the services and terms and conditions are also determined by the level you choose. The higher the SLA level you choose, the more services you can expect BIS|Econocom to provide and the greater your guarantee of continuity.

A BIS|Econocom SLA is composed from one or more of the following elements:

Helpdesk with unlimited support by telephone, chat and a remote link

An SLA entitles you to request telephone support from the AV & ICT Service department on working days. Our employees are trained to support you by telephone, email, chat and a remote link. Our service employees also register your request for repairs or for service and ensure that it is handled and closed within a short time-frame.

Priority support

When you enter into an SLA contract with us, we reserve support capacity for you. This means that we employ people who are specially trained and educated to provide adequate service support to you whenever required. This group of technicians allows us to respond rapidly to your support requests, handle them as priority issues and process them adequately.

BIS|Econocom Replacement Warranty

Fortunately, modern audiovisual equipment hardly ever breaks down. However, when it does, the consequences and inconvenience are significant. Something that is prevented by the BIS|Econocom Replacement Warranty option; a warranty, which is both far more extensive than the standard factory warranty and guarantees worry-free, long-term availability of your presentation equipment. Under the terms and conditions of the BIS|Econocom Replacement Warranty, we ensure you receive replacement equipment free of charge during the repair period, so you continue to have presentation facilities at your disposal. We also strive to ensure that the specifications of the replacement equipment are at least equivalent to those of the equipment under repair.

BIS|Econocom Repair Centre

If on-site repair is not possible, we remove the equipment and take it to the BIS|Econocom repair centre where we perform repairs on practically all makes of equipment. Many major brands have also authorised us to repair their products when the equipment is still under factory warranty and settle our clients’ warranty claims in such cases. The main advantage of the BIS|Econocom repair centre is that the equipment does not need to be sent to the manufacturer, so the customer does not have to wait for weeks before a repair can be performed and the equipment returned.

Preventive Maintenance

During preventive maintenance, maintenance activities are carried out that reduce the probability of disruptions and general faults occurring; consequently your audiovisual equipment remains in optimum working order and you are not confronted by unpleasant surprises. In addition, if faults are discovered that have not yet been reported, they are immediately rectified or repaired. A contract for preventive maintenance can be entered into for the entire system, or just for specific products. Preventive maintenance is performed by specially trained maintenance technicians.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • Reduces the risk of faults and defects
  • Longer equipment lifespan
  • Equipment is always installed and set up correctly and in an optimal manner
  • Higher reliability of your equipment
  • Maintenance is carried out by a specially trained and skilled specialist
  • Higher trade-in value of the equipment

Localising and resolving faults on site

When providing this service, we visit you on site within the agreed time limit in order to localise and immediately resolve unexpected faults. An exception to this response period are situations in which BIS|Econocom is dependent on third parties. If the fault cannot be resolved on site, we take the defective equipment back with us for repair. Naturally, we ensure that replacement equipment is placed at your disposal during the repair period. We strive to ensure that the specifications of the replacement equipment are at least equivalent to those of the equipment being repaired.

Third party maintenance

BIS|Econocom is also your reliable and professional partner for third party maintenance. We are happy to apply our technical expertise to maintaining all your audiovisual equipment and systems; even if these solutions were not supplied by us. The primary benefit is that you only have one single partner for all maintenance aspects of your complete audiovisual infrastructure. Efficient, affordable and handy. The agreed “third party” maintenance performance is documented in a Service Level Agreement that both parties sign.

Monitoring service performance

We keep a careful record of all activities carried out and, in the event of a site visit, we also draw up a written service report, which is filled out fully and signed. If this visit is made for preventive maintenance, a checklist will also be filled out detailing the appearance of the equipment, its operation, image quality, lamp hours etc. and may include comments and advice. The customer is also asked to confirm that the work has been performed properly and satisfactorily. The reports are available on request from the AV & ICT Service department.

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