Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services: your most important IT processes in safe hands

Audiovisual solutions are increasingly becoming managed by IT. Beamers with an IP address, large format LCD/LED screens in a network environment, (touch) operating systems, video conferencing, narrowcasting, collaboration, smart buildings and much more. In short: AV is no longer possible without IT. For this reason alone, a good IT infrastructure in which all the hardware and software function properly is vital. After all, your employees need to be able to do their work without being hampered by delays, problems or frustrations don't they? And they want this in a secure environment!

IT services for stability, reliability and security

But you're not quite there yet. The pace of development in the world of software is so fast that you could probably use the services of an expert partner. A partner who specialises in keeping networks and installed software up-to-date, as well as providing security and monitoring services. Considering this, BIS|Econocom offers multiple IT services to care of this for you. Do you want a healthy IT environment? BIS|Econocom takes care of this on your behalf.

If you choose our managed IT services, you choose:

  • Shorter and more efficient implementation
  • Lower costs for hardware, software, security, etc.
  • No more investment in additional storage capacity
  • No more software updates carried out by you
  • Better security for your valuable data
  • Much less maintenance (for example, updating licenses)
  • Data is available, anywhere and always
  • Permanent availability; even after a crash

The BIS|Econocom Managed IT services consist of IT Security, IT Patch Management and IT Monitoring & Reporting services.

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