Smart Buildings

A smart building that thinks along with you

Imagine… what does your ideal office building look like? Wouldn’t it be great to work in a building that thinks along with you? A smart building? A building that understands your needs and those of your colleagues? That is all about being able to work (together) efficiently and to be optimally productive? But also a building in which the atmosphere is relaxed and inspiration, ideas and innovation are stimulated?

Smart Buildings – the technology makes it possible

Although the aforementioned may be a distant dream for some, you probably know better. The technologic developments have taken such a flight in recent years that you can already benefit from the smart building. Thanks to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) more and more products and systems are interconnected. Smaller sensors, improved network technology, smarter software and cloud computing make that systems communicate with each other, and self-steering and human intervention are less and less necessary. The smart building is born.

From entrance to workplace, from parking lot to meeting room

In a smart building all technology and all environmental factors are adapted to the user and the activities that are undertaken in the building. From the parking spaces to the meeting rooms and from the individual workplace to the coffee corners… the building thinks along, learns and stimulates as well as collects a huge amount of details (big data) that can be used to optimise processes, to reduce errors and to enhance the user experience.

Your partner for a smart building

BIS|Econocom is your competent partner for the implementation of your smart building. We do not provide the construction of the premises, but the optimal lay out. Our intensive experience (since 1983 in the audio-visual & IT industry ensures that we perfectly know what a href="/uk/en/expertise/audio-visual/av-infrastructure">infrastructure is required and what equipment and solutions must be connected to that infrastructure – in order to meet all your wishes and requirements. We provide a comprehensive solution in which all devices are also interconnected and communicate.

Do you want to know more about smart buildings?

We believe that the technology must be invisible and that it is always at the service of the user; and not the other way around. Would you like to know more? Continue reading the menu-items below.

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