Video conference

Videoconferencing for Education: Transferring and sharing knowledge without constraints

Video conferencing consists of communication between two or more locations by means of audio and video. It is a method of communication that has grown enormously in popularity in recent years thanks to the emergence of the Internet and faster connections. It offers unprecedented possibilities for communicating, in a relatively straightforward way, with scientists and students worldwide.

With the aid of a PC, display, camera and microphone, but also with their tablet, students can discuss and work together with other students around the world. Whereas in the past video conferencing was the sole preserve of large multinational companies with equally large budgets, it is now also being used extensively in education and research. Examples of this include lectures given at distant locations, supervision of practical training, remote cooperation (also at the international level), the exchange of research data and progress discussions. In educational institutions where transferring and sharing information are always at the forefront, the transfer of this knowledge now literally has no boundaries anymore. Take a look at the leaflet here.

The choice for the right option

Video conference solutions are varied in terms of their complexity and applicability. As the choices vary widely, there is no “single best video conference solution” suitable for everybody. In other words, every environment and application demands personal advice – advice which BIS|Econocom will be pleased to give you in terms of products and technology, as well with regard to infrastructure and the integration of the solutions. Together with you, we will look at which configuration ideally meets your requirements. In taking a constructive approach to issues, our advisors certainly make certain recommendations, but are honest enough to advise against others. The main objective of the whole process is to achieve the most appropriate video conference solution for you.

E-learning: time and location-independent education

Information and communication technology makes it possible to offer and to take courses independent of time and location – a development that certainly cannot replace regular education, but at the same time provides educational institutions with innumerable options for making education more flexible.

This way it is possible to easily record lessons, automatically archive them and stream them online, so that they can be watched at home either live or on-demand. This way, pupils who are chronically ill can not only continue to keep pace with the rest of the group, but also actively participate; they feel more involved. Also if the teaching material requires extra attention, it provides pupils with the opportunity to review the material at home. The lessons and lectures are presented on a website specially set-up for such purposes in your own house style or on a separate page on your intranet. Test modules and chats with lecturers can also be added.

Managed Video Services: carefree use of Video and E-learning

Would you like to enjoy all the benefits that video and E-learning can offer your school, but you have no desire to spend all your time worrying about bandwidths, future options for scaling up, security, maintenance and whether or not all the connections have been configured correctly? If so, Managed Video Services is the perfect solution. For a fixed monthly fee, BIS|Econocom will take care of everything and you will be able to concentrate on making contact, in an easy and carefree manner, with educational institutions throughout the world. Read more about the BIS|Econocom Video Service on the Video section of our website.

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