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06-01-2021 15:31

Our educational institutions are facing new challenges. How do they ensure learning continues, regardless of the circumstances? How can they prepare for every possible situation? Learn Anywhere is an innovative complete solution, allowing teachers to continue teaching in a traditional way and allowing students to attend classes anytime, anywhere.

In what situations can Learn Anywhere be used?

  • ANALOGUE TEACHING: All students are present in the classroom and the teacher illustrates the material with notes on an analogue whiteboard. Thanks to the three large whiteboards covering the entire front of the classroom, the teacher has plenty of space - for example to write out long mathematical formulas or to make large, schematic drawings. There is no display panel in the way, so the full width of the board can be used.
  • PRESENTING DIGITALLY: All students are present in the classroom. The teacher can present digitally and interactively on the middle board and simultaneously make analogue notes on the left and right boards. Once the presentation is finished, the projection surface can also be used for notes, if desired.
  • HYBRID TEACHING: Some of the students are present in the classroom, but others attend class from home. In this scenario, the unique benefits of Learn Anywhere come into their own.
  • FULLY REMOTE TEACHING: Even when all students have to attend class from home, Learn Anywhere fully supports traditional and recognized teaching methods. The teacher teaches from an empty classroom, while using all the resources available in a regular lesson.

Learn Anywhere uses these premium brands & products:

  • EPSON interactive laser projectors
  • CHAMELEON frameless projection whiteboards
  • LOGITECH TAP Large Room Video Collaboration Solution (Logitech Tap & Rally plus)
  • EXTRON connectivity products

Do you have questions about this concept? Would you like a comparison between use and ownership? Let us know and we will be very pleased to help you.

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