VideoConcierge: your own assistant for video calls

Would you like to have nothing to worry about at all when organising video conferences? Just want to ensure that you are there at the agreed time and – possibly – at the agreed place to attend the conference? Then the BIS|Econocom VideoConcierge is a perfect service for you! The VideoConcierge is your personal assistant in setting up, directing and coordinating each video conference.

Your personal assistant takes the burden off your shoulders

The VideoConcierge is always at your disposal and relieves you from all activities regarding a video conference. This includes making bookings, the timely (at least 5 minutes before starting the meeting) setting up of the video connections and additional personal assistance before, during and after the meeting. Should a problem occur during a video call, the VideoConcierge will provide a fast solution. A helpdesk is redundant from now on.

You concentrate on your work, the VideoConcierge concentrates on his

An email or a phone call to the VideoConcierge with the request to plan a meeting is enough to get him or her started. From booking up to the implementation you have nothing to worry about and you can fully focus on the issues that matter to you. The VideoConcierge is always highly accurate in his work and you can have complete confidence that everything is arranged to perfection.

Smooth-running meetings

In short, for setting up, directing and coordinating a video conference the BIS|Econocom VideoConcierge takes the burden completely off your shoulders and you are assured of consistent quality and smooth sailing throughout the meeting.

Do you also want a personal assistant for setting up, directing and coordinating your video conferences? Please call BIS|Econocom on +31 180 - 486 777 or contact us via the form on the right.

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