Project Supervision & Support

BIS|Econocom takes care of the entire process for you. You have only one point of contact

Installing an outdoor LED screen requires the right project guidance and support. Think of applying for permits (that may be) required, providing power and network on location, designing and calculating the construction, safe assembly (often at high altitudes), and designing content in the right aspect ratio and resolution, among others.

BIS|Econocom offers support or takes care of the entire process for you, if desired. Your BIS|Econocom Project manager is therefore your first point of contact for everything. He communicates intensively with all parties involved and keeps a close eye on the planning in order to perfectly coordinate the various phases and activities. As a result, the realisation of your LED wall runs smoothly, quickly and streamlined.

Applying for a permit

Because LED walls have an impact on their environment and sometimes have special dimensions, a permit may be required. BIS|Econocom can be completely in charge of this process. We will provide the right documentation, the necessary construction drawings and the contact with the municipality. In the unlikely event that the permit is rejected, we will enter into talks with the municipality to see whether certain adjustments can be made to the design in order to meet the requirements.

Logistics from A to Z arranged for you

Most LED panels are not produced in the Netherlands and must therefore be shipped to the Netherlands (after being checked at the factory by our project manager) and assembled at the location of your choice. BIS|Econocom takes care of the logistic part from A to Z. From shipping the panels in sea containers, handling customs, storing the LED panels in special sheds to (freight) transport to the final location and assembly. You have nothing to worry about.

LED manufacturers with a proven track record

With the increase of Outdoor LED solutions factories that produce LED panels are mushrooming in the Far East. The price of most of these panels is very competitive, but the quality is far below standard. Moreover, these companies often disappear just as quickly as they emerge, which means that it is often no longer possible to claim a factory guarantee or necessary replacement of a broken LED panel after a number of years. BIS|Econocom only works with reputable parties who have amply proven their quality and durability. In addition, all individual LED panels are checked for quality at the factory before they are shipped. This way you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

The realisation of a LED Wall in practice

BIS|Econocom has been able to realise several in- and outdoor LED solutions for a wide range of clients. On our reference page you will find several projects including a (video) report on the realisation of a 3-sided LED wall on the edge of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

Would you like to get more information?

Would you like to get more information about the guidance and support for the realisation of an LED wall? Please call BIS|Econocom on +31(0)180 - 486 777 or contact us through the contact form on the right.

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