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LED displays: appealing communication for outdoor or large indoor venues

Besides our solutions for information transfer within buildings, BIS also provides dynamic outdoor communication. With our high quality LED displays and LED walls you can digitally communicate in an appealing way with audiences in outdoor or in large indoor venues, such as shopping centres, libraries and museums.

There are a number of options and features when it comes to LED displays. The possibilities and endless in terms of dimensions and shape. In addition, BIS distinguishes itself by mapping out and executing the complete process for you: from advice to installation. BIS also supports permit applications, import and transport, via phone support and preventive maintenance.

Reliable and high quality LED walls and displays

BIS LED displays deliver performances in various conditions. The displays have a long life and require little maintenance. The displays come with an advanced built-in cooling system, as a result of which the display also performs well at high temperatures.

The fact that BIS works exclusively with A-brand manufacturers enables us to provide sustainable and professional solutions for any application. BIS can advise you on the right type of LED, pixel pitch, effective viewing distance and light yield for your LED solution. In addition, we determine with you what image quality you need.

The following questions are important when deciding this:

  • Will the LED screen be indoors or outdoors?
  • How big can the LED display be?
  • What is the (minimum) viewing distance for the LED display?
  • Do the viewers stand in front, walk by or drive by the LED wall?
  • What will you display on the LED screen, e.g. slide shows or video?

Advantages of LED walls and LED displays at BIS

  • large viewing angle and high light yield thanks to SMD and DIP
  • optimal readability due to automatic light controller
  • your message can be amended quickly, so it’s always up to date
  • no high replacements and printing costs
  • high level of detail with minimum pixel pitch
  • Good colour fastness and durability
  • Support for your permit application (if desired)
  • Complete package of services for hassle-free use
  • Creative financing options (e.g. co-financing, lease etc.)

LED displays in your narrowcasting environment

LED displays are excellent image carriers to integrate into your digital signage/narrowcasting campaign (communicating with a targeted audience when you want at a location selected by you). A significant advantage of LED walls is that the content can be managed at distance and can always be amended directly. Moreover, the LED walls are also visible in the dark; so your content is in the spotlight longer! You can read more about the many possibilities and features that BIS offers in the field of Narrowcasting on our dedicated page.

Because the possibilities and features for outdoor communication are extensive and numerous environmental factors have to be taken in to account – e.g. regulations concerning construction, safety and appearance - we not only advise which solution is the most appropriate for your situation, we also ensure the solution is implemented from A to Z. We can even arrange a permit application for you. We can take the burden fully on our shoulders!

Would you like more information on the possibilities and advantages of LED walls and LED displays?
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