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MOOC; education that is independent of time and place is now accessible to everybody

MOOC is the abbreviation for Massive Open Online Course, a kind of online teaching. It basically means that students and other interested parties can follow courses of lectures via YouTube or the websites of universities and other education institutes. An e-learning development that will certainly not replace normal education but which does offer schools and universities all kinds of possibilities for making education more personalised and more flexible.

MOOC applications

The applications of this new form of teaching are versatile, and the benefits are huge. For example, allowing sick or handicapped students to participate, taking part in international courses and – regardless of time and place – being able to reach large groups of interested parties. In addition, MOOC offers students greater flexibility, more students can follow courses of lectures given by professors who are among the very best in the world and time is created for individual student coordination.

Technical progress expands horizons

Even though the ideas associated with e-learning are not new by any means, the technology has now developed to the stage where MOOCs can be recorded without any problems and then distributed and viewed without delay as a live stream or later on demand. In view of the technical progress that has been made and the associated possibilities and advantages of MOOCs and online lectures, it is hardly surprising that Minister Bussemaker expressly chose to discuss this fascinating subject during an episode of "De Wereld Draait Door" with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and Alexander Klöpping (an expert in the field of internet, new media and gadgets).

Optimum advice matched to your teaching environment

BIS|Econocom Education is your partner for producing and distributing your own MOOCs or online lectures. Our extensive experience with this type of solution, both in education and in other fields, guarantees high quality, effectiveness and affordability. Our in-house advisers and our technical expertise ensure that you are informed optimally. We can propose the right product range for your needs in order to implement a cost-effective solution that satisfies your objectives and fits your budget.

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