The right lighting for nice meeting rooms

Light is important. The purpose of the room has an influence on the use of natural or artificial light. If your room is regularly used for presentations, natural light will not be allowed to influence the clarity or visibility of the presentations. Another example is that the lighting in a video conference room needs to be integrated in such a manner that indirect light shines from various angles, so that hard shadows are prevented. BIS|Econocom advises and supplies all types and forms of light carriers.

Impressive and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions

One of the BIS|Econocom lighting solutions is our smart and innovative LED lighting systems, based on state-of-the-art technology and with significant attention to design. Due to their much longer life-span, mechanical shock resistance, small energy requirements and reduced heat generation, LED solutions are an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative. In addition, LED forms the perfect basis for creative ideas and new lighting solutions, can be harmoniously integrated in architecture and delivers reliable orientation lighting.

Our LED lighting can be connected to a 220 V supply without any requirement for special components. In addition, the LED lighting line from BIS|Econocom fits standard TL fittings and suspended ceilings. So there is no need to modify your ceiling.

There are benefits to using LED lighting. For you as well!

The strong increase in LED popularity is not surprising. Aside from tangible financial benefits such as 1) long life-span, 2) low energy use and 3) low maintenance costs, LED solutions also form the perfect basis for creative ideas and new lighting solutions, can be harmoniously integrated in architecture and deliver reliable orientation lighting. Their energy use remains low thanks to their high return on investment, even if they are permanently on.

BIS|Econocom LED solutions are technically advanced LED systems, distinguished by benefits such as:

  • Very energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very clear light
  • Thin panels for an innovative appearance
  • No ceiling modification required
  • Easy to install
  • Highly flexible in relation to integration
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Smart, uniform “connection system”
  • Control via a control panel
  • Modular construction
  • Components can be exchanged between systems

Aside from the components outlined above, and as a complete system integrator, BIS|Econocom naturally takes care of the advice, installation, maintenance and possible repair of the LED solutions to be integrated. BIS|Econocom recommends the best choice of lighting and carries out all the preparatory work (engineering), installation work and maintenance work for the optimal lighting plan. Your project is in safe hands when you choose BIS|Econocom, whatever the type of lighting: project lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and yard and perimeter lighting. We ensure that the right atmosphere is created and you can choose ultra-efficient lighting in order to reduce your power consumption and costs and contribute to preserving the environment. Naturally, you can also rely on BIS|Econocom for intelligent lighting systems, which respond to the presence/absence of light/dark, and we set up the (central) control systems for you.

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