New builds & Renovation

New Construction & Renovation

Many factors play a role in the new construction of a school. BIS|Econocom has experience in advising on and implementing audiovisual and IT solutions in new construction projects. As a result, we know that it is important to be involved at an early stage in the project so that all the facilities are perfectly coordinated with each other from the start. This saves a lot of unnecessary costs and – perhaps more importantly – a lot of time and frustration when it comes to the implementation phase.


BIS|Econocom Education will be delighted to advise you on the use of digital teaching aids within your educational institution. This includes not only the choice of touch screens or digital whiteboards, but also the equipping of classrooms, the positioning of connection points, cable ducts and patch cabinets. And are you going to set up and manage the network yourself or are you going to outsource it? And will other groups be using the rooms outside of school hours? These are just a few of the many issues facing you in the new construction of a school. BIS|Econocom Education has experience with these issues and will be pleased to help you with them.

In the consultation process, we incorporate your vision of the use of audiovisual & ICT aids within your learning environment. Based on this vision, we draw up an advisory document, describing which solutions can best meet your wishes and requirements. Of course, this document also looks at questions of technical feasibility. You will receive a complete overview, including a multi-phase implementation plan and an indication of the costs.

Collaboration with your architect

An architect is always involved in the new construction of a school. BIS|Econocom is happy to work together with this architect from the first moment. This does not mean BIS|Econocom will tell the architect how the school should look, but we will give him or her the benefit of our knowledge and experience in the field of AV & ICT. We know better than anyone what AV technology is and how audiovisual solutions can be integrated in a school and in the ICT infrastructure.

Moreover, our own interior designers speak the same language as your architect and can assist in the writing of the audiovisual section in the specifications or even draw up a complete Schedule of Requirements for you.

No half measures: complete with mounting

The building and handover of a new construction project is always associated with a tight schedule. A schedule that may sometimes change during the construction period. BIS|Econocom can respond to this, actively anticipate your needs and adopt a flexible approach. If desired, we can maintain direct contact with the architect and other contractors to ensure that all the solutions are professionally mounted and installed at just the right time.

Service agreements for education

BIS|Econocom is also ready to assist you after the final handover. We have developed a full range of service agreements for the education sector that allow you to combine options in the area of support, warranty and/or maintenance to develop the optimal service programme for your educational institution. You yourself determine the service level. In this way, you gain an even greater return on your investment, secure in the knowledge that you are not paying for services you don’t need. Take a look at all the BIS|Econocom Education service agreements here.

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