Linking internal information systems

Automatically display information from your current information systems

What really makes BIS ID stand out is that with the BIS ID content runner it is possible to distribute all sorts of information from your information systems to the image carrier(s) of your choice in no time at all and whenever you want. The type of database (information system) and structure does not matter. This is an essential part of your digital signage solution and makes managing content a whole lot simpler. The BIS ID content runner even allows you to manage database-related information, which can be distributed via the BIS ID system. This is something that would otherwise be a labour-intensive task.

Custom-built solution

The software engineers at BIS|Econocom Development are able to create extensive, customised applications for you so the digital signage solution is tailored to your situation. These applications are developed using various methods and are characterised by their user-friendliness and the extensive possibilities they provide.

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