IT Patch Management, for security and reliability

IT Patch Management, for security and reliability

An IT system or network environment is never complete. New features are constantly being developed, improvements made, and imperfections repaired. Updates and upgrades are distributed to end users by manufacturers and software developers using so-called patches.

Often, this is not an automatic process. This is why we, working with your IT department, can achieve a managed environment that shows exactly which software is up-to-date, which software updates or upgrades are available, and which software requires replacement. If we identify an area that requires attention or improvement, we will provide a suitable solution. Depending on the agreements made, this will vary from providing instructions to your IT controller(s) to autonomously solving the problem.

Using this intelligent solution will ensure you keep your software up-to-date and secure while maximising performance. At the same time, you always know where your vulnerable browsers, applications, and operating systems are so they can be recovered quickly and kept up to date automatically. In addition, our experts ensure the installation of a patch has little to no (negative) effect on the performance of other software.

In short: if you choose the BIS|Econocom IT Patch Management service, you choose an up-to-date and optimal IT environment in which security and reliability go hand in hand.

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