Access & Registration

Access & Registration

The optimal design of a building begins at the entrance. We mean literally at the access to the building. To give your building from the entrance the look that suits you, BIS|Econocom realises premium, reliable and highly secure solutions in the field of opening and closing. Automatic sliding doors, electric doors, or more traditional access solutions? BIS|Econocom provides all of these!

Access with look and user comfort

A lot of people realise that also the access to a premises contributes to the impression that an organisation makes on visitors and staff. Think of it… the challenge however is to combine security and solidity with aesthetics and ease of use. These elements are often at odds with each other. That’s why we pay close attention to this and BIS|Econocom also goes for the optimal choice for your situation when it comes to the access solution. In this way we guarantee that the look of your access enhances the appearance of your organisation.

Smart registration of staff and visitors

For safety reasons and responsibility, it is good to know who is in your premises. This has always been the case, but that is certainly true in buildings with an open character, full flex workplaces and (informal) meeting rooms, because no longer everyone is in from 9 to 5 “by default” and because not everyone has a fixed desk. To give you this insight and overview, BIS|Econocom supplies smart systems for attendance registration. No more old-fashioned time clocks, but modern digital receptions, apps, card readers, biometric systems and systems based on RFID or NFC.

Analysis for optimal occupancy

The registration systems that BIS|Econocom supplies have powerful reporting capabilities. Through clear dashboards you get insight into the presence of employees and visitors. You will discover trends and you will anticipate them. Does it turn out that in the summer months there are two times less people than in other months? This will of course have consequences on the cleaning, catering, facility service etc. The savings will come naturally.

Do you want to know more? Any non-binding advice?

Do you want the perfect access solution? Do you want to make your building smarter through the integration of an intelligent system for attendance registration? Please contact the specialists of BIS|Econocom today with no obligation. We gladly advise you.

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