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Training Videocommunication

Skills training for structural, optimal and long-term use of videoconference with maximum result.

You are convinced of the benefits of the use of video conference: face-2-face meetings without travelling, sharing knowledge and information more quickly, reduced environmental footprint, more efficient use of time and an improved work-life balance. This is why you use video conferencing. And it is a giant leap forward. But you can make more improvements.

International research as well as our own experiences has shown that the most successful video conference projects always consist of the rollout and integration of the correct infrastructure and equipment in combination with a smart adoption programme and intensive user training. The adoption programme and user training ensure that users not only start off enthusiastically, but continue to be enthusiastic. In addition, they learn to get the most out of the equipment and they are stimulated to think about other or future situations, in which they could use video conferencing.

BIS|Econocom can help you with both the adoption programme and the user trainings. Our specialised trainers can explain in detail how to use your video conference solution and what the dos and don'ts of the equipment are. The result is increased knowledge in users, more confidence in their own abilities and an increased use of your video conferencing systems. With all the associated advantages. Furthermore, our training programme is aimed at convincing the users of the benefits and necessity of video conferencing instead of them viewing it as one of the alternatives.

BIS|Econocom offers two types of training:

  • Technical product training
  • User and implementation training

1. Technical product training

This training explains end-users and/or administrators everything about the technical aspects of the use of VC equipment. You can choose from a Basic training and an Advanced training.

Basic training

  • User training
  • Starting up hardware
  • Planning video session
  • Making a call
  • Connecting to 1 or more participants
  • Exchanging information such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint files

The training takes about an hour, depending on the number of participants and the difficulty of the questions.

Advanced training

  • Administrator training
  • Configurable technical options
  • Network and management
  • End-point management


  • Please contact BIS|Econocom

Required prior knowledge

  • No specific prior knowledge

Target group

  • The training is intended for all users and administrators of your video conference system.

Number of participants

  • Max. 4 persons
  • This training comes with a training folder (1 per group)

2. User and implementation training

BIS|Econocom can also provide a use and implementation plan, which forms the basis for a successful rollout of your video conference solution. The plan consists of multiple steps, which make a successful implementation possible.

  • Executive sponsor: we support the coordinating manager in his role as VC ambassador by providing him with arguments, tips, tricks and material.
  • Training end-users: during multiple sessions on-site, we create awareness, user confidence, video etiquette, professionalism and the creation of a “video culture”.
  • Education of end-users: we assess the experiences with and the expectations about VC in end-users, list the points for improvement and support the plans and approach to achieve acceptance of VC in general (communication, IT process, ease, availability).


  • Please contact BIS|Econocom

Required prior knowledge

  • Basic Microsoft applications, such as: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.

Target group

  • The training is intended for all users of your video conference solution(s).

Number of participants

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