BIS|Econocom facilitates working from home for 100,000 government employees in two weeks’ time

06-07-2020 16:05

To ensure that central government employees could work productively and effectively from home and remain connected to their colleagues, BIS|Econocom – in collaboration with Cisco and the AVIT group – provided a large part of the government employees with a Cisco Webex client in just a few weeks, enabling them to easily collaborate online. Thanks to the deployed solution, more than 100,000 employees can now hold meetings through video streaming.

A huge task

The rollout and implementation of the collaboration software is driven by the intense collaboration that BIS|Econocom has had over years with several, large government organisations. Especially now – as a result of the corona virus- outbreak – everyone was asked to work from home, BIS|Econocom has done its best to complete this huge task in the shortest possible time as the central government’s Audio-visual & IT partner. In addition, the Audio-visual & IT specialist in this project has been professionally and expertly supported by the AVIT group.


Jean Pierre Overbeek, CEO of BIS|Econocom, considers it a privilege to contribute in this way to the fight against the corona crisis. “We have been working with different areas of the Dutch government for many years. An important aspiration in recent years has been to ensure that each government employee is well supported in the area of remote working. In a safe way, naturally. Nobody could have foreseen that our solutions would become indispensable in such a short time frame; not only to prevent the spread of corona, but also to ensure that the important work within the central government can continue in a high-quality manner. The fact Cisco is making the Webex solution available free of charge, is a wonderful initiative, for which we are deeply grateful”.


BIS|Econocom believes that the solution will maintain its added value even after the crisis. This satisfies the the ambition to significantly reduce the environmental pressure and the number of commute and consultation hours. Especially now that so many people are experiencing the possibilities, benefits and strength of our collaboration solutions, it is expected that many will continue to embrace our technology after the crisis. Due to the large scale of the central government, significant savings are on the horizon.

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