Discussion systems

Discussion systems with integrated touch LCD screen

Can you identify with the effort it takes to properly steer a meeting in the right direction? Are there audibility issues when a speaker is talking? Are there language issues? Do the participants lack the necessary meeting discipline, which results in everybody speaking at the same time? Is it difficult to call them to order? In that case, BIS|Econocom has the perfect solution for you.

The range of advanced discussion systems offered by BIS|Econocom delivers optimal intelligibility. BIS|Econocom supplies both wireless and wired conference and discussion systems, including software for capturing and displaying relevant data such as information about the participants, the agenda, the sequence for speakers and voting results. BIS|Econocom even offers discussion systems with a built-in touch screen in the discussion post that allows you to display the available information simply by tapping the screen.

Gauging opinions, voting, examining

Thanks to our multifunctional wireless systems, which can be used in both personalised and anonymous configurations, voting results can be displayed directly on the touch screen and via central projection. The results are ready to be presented within seconds. You can also choose to export the results to a reports program for further analysis.

BIS|Econocom also delivers discussion systems that are unique in that there is no difference between the participant’s post and a chairperson’s post, meaning that a single uniform device can be used for both posts. The highly advanced anti-eavesdropping technology used in the discussion systems supplied by BIS|Econocom makes it impossible to listen in on conferences, discussions, meetings, etc. BIS|Econocom also has discussion systems that offer all of the functions required to achieve highly professional simultaneous translation. Since some of our discussion systems are connected to the central control unit via normal and affordable Cat5/Cat6 cabling, your investment is relatively low.

A professional discussion system is only the beginning. A room will only take shape when the system is linked to other meeting facilities, such as a camera tracking system, image display units, additional sound amplification and a central control panel. You can engineer an optimal communication system that excels in ease-of-use and options, which is exactly what users today expect. The personal participant's pass, which can be inserted into the post, dovetails with this. The preferred settings of each participant are loaded fully automatically.

View the range of discussion systems offered by BIS|Econocom here online.

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