Usage & Adoption plan

A good Usage & Adoption plan is essential

Almost more important than the purchase of your collaboration equipment is ensuring that your employees understand the benefits of this new technology and that they know its features and advantages. A good use and operating plan (usage & adoption) and targeted user training are vital.

What’s in it for me?

The answer to the question “what’s in it for me” from the perspective of the end users forms the basis of a successful adoption programme and by extension the successful implementation of new collaboration technology in your organisation. There are indications that a successful implementation depends as much as 90% on the final users and how they experience and appreciate the new technology. If you forget the user in the rollout of your collaboration environment, you will not make the most of your investment. Which would be a shame.

Action Plan for adoption of collaboration

A use and operating plan forms the basis of a successful collaboration roll-out. BIS|Econocom can prepare this programme for you and to do so we naturally need to understand your situation, applications and needs. Our approach consists of different several steps that strengthen each other and enable the successful implementation of collaboration technology.

  • Creating support
    Ensure approval and support for the implementation of new technology in advance at the highest level. Clearly indicate the objectives and what the organisation will achieve. The managers on the work floor have to lead by example and show they support using the new technology.
  • Implementation team
    For the maximum adoption an implementation team is composed of employees from different departments. In this way the relevant benefits for the various departments can be identified and promoted by the ‘ambassadors’.
  • Training and coaching end users
    By training and coaching end users people will better understand the benefits of the equipment and know what they can do with it. In addition to the benefits, points of attention and pitfalls will also be covered and communicated (e.g. on intranet). In this way more and more people can be enthused.
  • Sharing success stories
    Showing that the new technology works and really brings benefits to the users, how the equipment has been used in a positive way. Letting users tell their story (e.g. on intranet). In this way more and more people can be enthused.
  • Evaluation
    Interviewing end users proactively in order to obtain insight into their opinion about the benefits and obstacles when using the equipment. A lack of convenience is often the most important reason for end users making less use the equipment less than they could. Therefore, you have to ensure that they can turn to someone for help. If necessary, user training can be repeated in a one-to-one-session. Besides insight into the user experiences - you also have to ensure insight into how to use the technology.

BIS|Econocom supports you through the adoption process. Naturally we provide a training programme for the end users guided by the instructors, but we even go a significant step further by developing an entire user and implementation programme for you.

One of our specially trained advisors will guide this programme to ensure that the new equipment is used as well as possible and you benefit maximally from your investment.

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