On-line collaboration, sharing and presenting via video

On-line video collaboration is the ability to work together with others and exchange information and ideas via the Internet. Meeting up with each other on the web and using handy tools to share simple applications, documents and even complete desktops with each other. In addition to sharing and presenting information, the participants can also take control of the other participants’ computers via a remote link in order to set up a helpdesk environment.

On-line video collaboration offers colleagues, partners, etc., who work at different locations, the ultimate facility for collaborating in a virtual environment. Users of video collaboration say that it is a vital communications instrument that has had a major, positive impact on their work. In addition to lower costs, video collaboration also results in substantially increased productivity and process efficiency.

Sharing information regardless of the device and the communication form

The demand to be able to share information, regardless of where this information originates and irrespective of the device and the communication form has been growing for years. Some large providers, such as Polycom, Cisco and StarLeaf, respond to this and their solutions for video communication have since been developed to offer optimal Collaboration experience. These are, among others, the manufacturers who made Collaboration into what it is now: the most extensive form of video conferencing.

Implementing Collaboration in your organisation

You are probably aware of the benefits of video communication and Collaboration, such as cost savings, more efficient meetings, knowledge sharing, increased productivity and better cooperation. So you have already taken the decision to implement Collaboration in your organisation.

Or are you still in doubt? Perhaps you are wondering how often your employees will use Collaboration in practice? Will they really benefit from Collaboration? Are you not entirely convinced yet of the ROI of Collaboration? Or are you wondering whether Collaboration is user-friendly enough for all your colleagues? Is Collaboration ready for a broad adoption within your organisation? And vice-versa?

A lot of questions that we are happy to answer in a personal talk substantiate with convincing Collaboration examples from practical implementations.

Partner for the roll-out, integration and maintenance of your Collaboration system

The world is ready for Collaboration, is your organisation? BIS|Econocom is your partner for the roll-out, integration, installation and maintenance of your Collaboration system. Our specialised advisors are able to help you with any questions you may have. The fact that we are one of the very few suppliers who are Microsoft Certified, a Polycom Platinum Partner and a Cisco TelePresence Video Advanced Authorized Technology Partner, gives you the confidence you need.

Choose Collaboration in your organisation.
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