Benefits of AV as a Service

Benefits AV as a Service

Do you also see it? The property to use trend? More and more people and organisations are choosing to use products and services without owning them. Some of these options are pretty old; leasing for example. Others, such as Spotify and Netflix, have only been introduced recently. BIS|Econocom is adding a very attractive option: AV as a Service.

Profit without investment

Organisations want to grow, seize opportunities, enter new markets, innovate. This often requires substantial investment. Not every organisation can or will be able to invest in digital innovation at the same time. And yet this is precisely what supports accelerated growth. Therefore BIS|Econocom is innovating by offering customers the opportunity to benefit from AV & IT Technology without the investment: the innovative AV as a Service concept. The user does not make a pre-investment or pay separately for service and maintenance, but benefits from a carefree, fixed monthly fee.

Administrative care with AV as a Service

And there are even more benefits. We take care of a large number of administrative matters for you. We pay the full investment amount; we take care of the asset management; we bear the risk of asset depreciation; and we ensure that the equipment is removed and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner at the end of its service life. Furthermore, you determine the duration of the contract.

The benefits of AV as a Service

  • Direct access to technological innovation without the investment
  • Acquire the technology you need now to be able to grow your company
  • Keep your cash free for your core business activities
  • Staggered, even payments prevent investment peaks
  • A choice for reduced pressure on your budget and cash flow
  • You are not required to write off your equipment (OPEX vs CAPEX)
  • Administration and asset management are taken care of
  • You receive comprehensive reports about assets, budgets and invoices
  • You can be flexible and proactive in the management of the life cycle of your assets
  • Would you like to discuss your funding options?

AV as a Service: would you like to discuss your options?

We can help you with your digital transformation. Customer contact will improve greatly; customer loyalty will increase; impulse purchases will be recognised; and sales processes will be accelerated. Of course, we would be happy to discuss which financing best suits your situation.

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