Explore the Future of Meeting Rooms with Yealink Products at BIS

06-10-2023 12:00

Our recently redesigned meeting room showcases a range of Yealink solutions to ensure your meetings are nothing short of exceptional. We have replaced traditional equipment with innovative Yealink technologies to provide a seamless and productive meeting environment.

- Yealink A20 Videobar: This powerful device offers advanced video and audio capabilities, making your meetings immersive experiences. With crystal-clear images and high-quality sound, your messages are conveyed with precision and clarity.

- Yealink Wireless Presentation Pods (WPP30): These easy-to-use USB dongles enable your team to share their screens and collaborate effortlessly, creating a more engaging and interactive meeting environment.

- Compact VisionColumn Furniture: The bulky furniture of the past has been replaced by sleek and compact VisionColumn furniture. This modern piece complements the room's aesthetics and optimizes space. It is both functional and visually appealing, creating a professional ambiance. The furniture ensures that the camera is positioned at the perfect height, improving serviceability.

- Iiyama 75-inch Touch Display (TE7504MIS-B2AG): This large, interactive screen is perfect for brainstorming sessions, presentations, and interactive discussions. It offers touch functionality, making it easy to convey your ideas with precision.
- Atlona Display Controller for Automatic On/Off: We have added the Atlona display controller to our setup, ensuring that your meeting room is always ready for action. With automated on/off functions, you can start meetings promptly, save valuable time, and enhance the user experience.

Why Visit Our Showroom?

Our showroom is more than just a space; it's an opportunity for you to firsthand experience the future of meeting rooms. We understand that you need to make well-informed decisions for your business's success, which is why we extend this exclusive invitation to you.

- Expert Guidance: During your visit to our showroom, you have the opportunity to consult with our expert sales engineers who can guide you in selecting the ideal solutions for your unique business needs.
- Hands-on Experience: Take Yealink products for a test drive and see how they can transform your meeting rooms. Interact with the technology and witness the difference it can make.
- Custom Solutions: Our team works with you to develop tailor-made solutions aligned with your business goals, ensuring that your investment is both practical and future-proof.

Book Your Showroom Visit Now

In a world where collaboration is essential, your meeting room is your secret weapon for success. Elevate your business meetings to new heights by embracing the future of technology. Visit us in our showroom and discover how Yealink products can revolutionize your meeting experiences.
To plan your visit, contact us today here. We look forward to your visit and are ready to assist you in taking the next step toward improved meetings.

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