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Give your communication message form and strength

Digital signage is a communication system. The information that you want to convey is therefore the most important part of your solution. BIS|Econocom is also your partner for displaying your information in splendidly designed templates with an appealing layout.

The graphics and multimedia specialists at BIS|Econocom Digital Productions are ready to take care of the templates and the content of your digital signage environment. This will be completely in keeping with your communication philosophy and company style. Naturally you always have the option of making any alterations to the text or design and displaying these in real time. Furthermore it is possible to take out special subscriptions where for 24 hours per day you have legal ownership of the most up-to-date weather and traffic information for instance.

Once you have installed your BIS ID solution and your communication message has been designed, BIS|Econocom will ensure that this content is loaded into your software in the correct manner and plan for this to be displayed at the right moment on the right image carrier. If necessary, any links to your database and/or RSS feeds will also be set up.

BIS|Econocom takes care of everything for you. You do not have to worry about this and from now on you will only enjoy the benefits that BIS ID offers you. For your complete peace of mind, we also offer you the option of taking out a content maintenance subscription.

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