Creative LED

Creative LED walls for creative environments

Do you want a video wall but different from the standard 3x3 screens? Do you have in mind any special shapes, curved LED screens, different sizes of displays connected together, a wall that runs along with the escalator or other tailor-made ideas? Then you came to the right place at BIS|Econocom. For both indoor and outdoor solutions.

Creative LED walls; there is no one-size-fits-all solution

The BIS|Econocom Creative LED solutions are tailor-made signage solutions for creative environments. Creative LED solutions are therefore never the same, on the contrary, they are optimally attuned to the environment and purpose. Because we have various technical options in house, the possibilities are practically endless. The only limits to designing a Creative LED wall are the limits of your imagination. A Creative LED wall is the ideal signage to absolutely differentiate yourself from others and attract the attention of your target audience.

Creative forms demand creative content

As with all screens, in the end what really matters is what you show on your screen. Standard content is not suitable for special size and shape displays because the aspect ratio is completely different. Therefore, just like the creative screen, your content will also have to be customised. BIS|Econocom has a special team of graphic designers that can design your content the way you want it to be. Entirely in your corporate identity, with the elements that you want, tailored to your target audience and, of course, optimally attuned to the technical specifications of your Creative LED Wall. Certainly, your content can also be automatically supplemented with various feeds such as Facebook updates, Twitter posts and weather and traffic information.

Would you like to receive free advice?

Would you like to receive free advice on a Creative LED Wall for your organisation? Our consultants are at your service. Please call BIS|Econocom on +31(0)180 - 486 777 or contact us through the contact form in the top right-hand corner.

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