Optimising the primary process

Information sharing is of vital importance within every organisation. Information systems are often even part of the primary process. A few examples of this are time table information systems at schools and planning systems at production facilities. It is for these applications in particular, where the right information needs to arrive at the right time to the right people in order to progress a primary process, that digital signage with BIS ID offers a solution. There are too many applications to list here. Something for your organisation too!

The right digital signage application in every market

BIS|Econocom has experience in implementing advanced Digital Signage solutions in virtually every sector which meet the most modern requirements in terms of quality, versatility and user-friendliness. These range from government to banking and from healthcare to conference centres. A solution that is tailor made for your market allows you to always get the best performance from your digital signage solution.

  • Corporates & Institutes: presence/absence, welcoming & corporate info
  • Education: Time table information, general information & room planning
  • Government: counter changes, municipal news and legislation changes
  • Health Care: waiting times, treatment methods, visitor information & making waiting easier
  • Defence: disasters & strategic information
  • Hospitality; welcoming, signposting & room planning
  • Transport: route maps, plans, changes & traffic information
  • Retail: In-store communication, branding & special offers
  • Industrial: production figures, planning and safety regulations

In short: With BIS ID, BIS|Econocom offers a digital signage solution with numerous possibilities for just as many different sectors and organisations. You can read more about this on our target market pages. In order to ensure that you achieve the right solution that surpasses your expectations, BIS|Econocom has developed various ready-made solutions which offer you the ideal solution in no time at all. All you have to do is make a choice! Would you like more information? Are you looking for ideas? Visit reference descriptions.

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