Narrowcasting Infrastructuur

Digital signage incorporated into your ICT infrastructure

Your chosen message pops up on an image carrier, mobile device or smart phone. It seems straightforward for the recipient, but you know that there is an entire process and infrastructure behind the scenes. In order to have an efficient and user-friendly digital signage system, you also need to give appropriate consideration at an early stage to the integration of your narrowcasting solution into your new or planned network.

That is why BIS|Econocom maps out your ICT infrastructure and consults with the people responsible for ICT about the optimisations or minor adjustments needed in order to best integrate your BIS ID solution. This is naturally tailored to your existing configurations and comes with a back-up facility. The combination of our extensive knowledge with our smart software and our extensive product range ensures that BIS|Econocom knows how to create the correct infrastructure for your digital signage solution (narrowcasting) in every situation.

BIS ID Hosted platform: your digital signage solution outside your server

The BIS ID Hosted Platform means that you no longer have to install the digital signage software onto your local pc or company network. BIS|Econocom IS Hosted managed services enable you to opt for the carefree operation of your digital signage solution where your environment is entirely managed by BIS|Econocom. You can simply access the digital signage applications you want online. Of course your environment has optimum security and you are entitled to any updates available for your current version. You enjoy peace of mind and benefit from all of the functionality and advantages which the BIS|Econocom IS Digital Signage solution offers.

  • Fast implementation process
  • Minimal burden on your internal ICT department
  • Applications are available online through a secure web portal
  • You do not need your own server or a complex ICT set-up
  • Fully managed Hosted Platform
  • Provided with back-up function so the safety of your data is guaranteed
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