AV Management

Training AV Management

Skills training control and management of AV & ICT installations.

Despite the fact that the BIS|Econocom AV & ICT solutions are often highly advanced, they are easy to use and manage, in which proper and structured management ensures that your solution remains in optimal shape, so that the users continue to make use of the solutions successfully and easily. Unfortunately, it has become clear that many organisations do not give (sufficient) attention to the administrator aspect. Sometimes, this is due to a lack of time, but more often than not it is due to a lack of knowledge. This mainly applies to systems which combine AV & ICT and to systems for management and control.

In order to change this, BIS|Econocom offers the BIS|Econocom Training AV Management, in which all aspects of managements and control of the realised solutions and the associated software are discussed. We train the participants in the most important points for attention and we teach the administrators to responsibly and correctly handle the equipment installed in the solution and to anticipate questions regarding the operation and management.

Trainings are offered on two levels, depending on the needs of existing or new employees, as basic training and advanced training (train-the-trainer), in which we train a number of key-users to become AV experts. These experts, for their part, will be able to train ordinary users and execute non-complex maintenance and programming tasks.

Basic training

  • Discussion of functional options
  • Starting up systems
  • Setting up systems
  • What to do in case of breakdowns

Advanced training

  • The basic training
  • Being able to train others: train-the-trainer
  • Making simple adjustments to the configuration yourself


  • Depending on the installation delivered

Target group

  • Administrators and facility managers

Number of participants

  • Up to two participants
  • This training comes with a training folder

Required prior knowledge

  • Level of knowledge depends on the difficulty level of the installation delivered.

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