The easiest way to reserve and manage workstations

09-08-2020 16:17

We are happy that more colleagues can meet at the office again. But for the time being, we are not going back to what we were used to. The number of workplaces in many offices has been drastically reduced, sometimes by as much as 50-60 percent, which has definitively changed the relationship between working from home and working at the office.

Workplace challenges in the hybrid offices

This creates new challenges in the office. For example, how do you coordinate who is at the office, and where and when? How do you guarantee the safety of the employees while making the best possible use of the available capacity? How do you manage the proportional use of the available facilities between all employees? And how do you quickly scale up or down if the RIVM advice changes?

Reserve safe and coordinated workplaces

To ensure that your employees can work safely in the office again, you need a way to streamline this. We help you with a smart software application (including smartphone app) with which you can coordinate who comes to the office, and where and when. As an employer, you determine the number of days that each employee can work at the office as well as the maximum capacity per floor and per zone. Employees can register on the days that they want to be at the office and in which zone they want to be. In this fashion, you give your employees the freedom and flexibility they need and you always keep insight and control over the use of your office.

Workplace management and room management within one system

Extra handy is that also the booking and management of meeting rooms takes place within the same platform. As a facility manager, you indicate which meeting rooms can be used and what the maximum capacity per room is. Employees can search for an available room, with the facilities they need, using the application, and reserve it immediately. An additional advantage is that you have real-time insight into the use of the workplaces and meeting rooms, so that the cleaning work of those areas can be optimally adjusted.

Advice tailored to your needs?

Do you also want to streamline your return to the office and offer your employees maximum flexibility and safety? We gladly advise you about the different possibilities.

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