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Training Digital Signage

Skills training for efficient, effective and visually attractive communication with digital signage.

BIS|Econocom has developed a powerful concept for digital signage/narrowcasting with BIS|Econocom IS; the digital distribution of visually attractive information. A BIS ID solution consists of high-quality hardware and smart software, with which different types of content (video, text, photos, RSS, etc.) can be disseminated from a central pc as well as remotely to different types of output media at different locations. BIS ID enables you to realise a platform for attractive (internal) communication.

The BIS ID software is Windows-based and intuitive. Most users will be able to acquire the basic skills by themselves. Nevertheless, we recommend they do the BIS|Econocom Training Digital Signage, so that they can gain much better insight into the extensive options and the versatile applications of BIS ID. The result of the training is that your users work with the solution more confidently, your digital signage solution receives more interest in your organisation and is used more efficiently, and communicates more powerfully and gives users more satisfaction.

Basic training

  • 1 daily period
  • Explanation of all functional buttons
  • Design and composition of a presentation
  • Selecting legal media
  • Use of elements, such as text entry, images, video, information screens, web element
  • Planning the presentation regarding screens with the aid of the manager
  • Extra options of other packages, content by BIS|Econocom

Advanced training

  • Basic training + Follow-up training
  • 2 daily periods (of which 1 is a follow-up day)
  • Database links and RSS feeds
  • Presentation in presentation with a continuing information screen across all pages
  • Application of table element
  • The effective use of the manager
  • Answering questions
  • Tips & Tricks to work faster

Target group

  • The training is mainly intended for the administrator(s) of the application described above and the persons who maintain the application.

Required prior knowledge

  • Basic Microsoft applications, such as: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.


  • Please contact BIS|Econocom

Number of participants

  • Max. 4 persons per session
  • This training comes with a training folder (1 per group)

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