Streaming & Archiving

Training Streaming & Archiving

Skills training for optimal use of your streaming & archiving infrastructure and options.

With your streaming & archiving infrastructure, you can make use of the attractive options offered by contemporary webcasting technology. You can record your meeting or conference with cameras and disseminate the footage live or on-demand via the internet to whomever you want.

In short, it will become easy to involve persons in your meeting even though they are not physically present. You have the option of letting them view the meeting or listen in on the meeting, or enabling them to actively participate, via chat for instance. Finally, it is possible to archive your video report and to index the file, so that the contents can be retrieved easily.

In order to make optimal use of these options and get the most out of this powerful technology in which you have invested, it is necessary that you have trust in the system, know how it works and the most important dos & don'ts. This is the reason why you do the BIS|Econocom Training Streaming & Archiving.

Two types of training Streaming & Archiving

  • Basic training
  • Advanced training

Basic Training

  • What is Streaming & Archiving?
  • Possible applications
  • Preparing & starting the session
  • Use during the session
  • Live watching and the opportunities
  • Complete the session
  • Look back the session afterwards
  • Other features and tips and tricks

Advanced Training

  • Basic training + training administrator
  • Comprehensive treatment of the possibilities
  • Use of the administrator portal
  • Advanced settings


  • Please contact BIS|Econocom

Target group

  • Users or administrators

Required prior knowledge

  • Basic Microsoft applications, such as: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Internet use.

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