Outdoor LED

Outdoor LED: impressive outdoor communication

With Outdoor LED, BIS|Econocom offers dynamic solutions for Outdoor communication and we are a reliable partner for transmission of information with LED technology. Outdoor LED solutions allow commissioning clients – this may vary from universities to chemical giants and from municipalities to hospitals – to communicate attractively and digitally with target groups in the open air like city centres and along busy highways.

The main benefit of LED displays and LED walls, compared to traditional posters or canvases, is the fact that the message can be sent from a central point to the screen. High printing costs and staff costs for changing the posters are now a thing of the past.

In addition, you will gain a great deal in terms of quality, visibility and flexibility. It’s possible to adapt the content in no time, simply from your PC. Without lead time and start-up costs, you can add an ad, make a change or delete one of the ads. Of course, the LED Displays are resistant to the most extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Suitable for many types of content

You can communicate any form of information in an appealing way. Think of professional and attractive presentations, adverts, videos, images, etc. You can show information on various topics in the right place and at the right time with the right target audience. Through changing texts and moving images, LED walls and LED displays attract a lot of attention. We are happy to make the content for you. Read more about Narrowcasting content on our specific page.

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