Partner for architects

BIS|Econocom can and will be of value to architects

As an architect, you are closely involved in new construction and/or renovation projects. It is highly likely that you will also integrate solutions in the fields of presenting, informing and communicating into these projects, such as boardrooms, meeting rooms and training rooms, as well as waiting rooms, digital signage and video conferencing.

We can imagine that throughout the process you would be pleased to engage the services of a professional partner. BIS|Econocom would like to provide expert assistance to you whether you are an architect or an interior designer. It is not that we will tell you how you need to design and/or furnish a building, but you can benefit from our knowledge and experience in the area of AV & ICT. As no other, we know what AV technology is and how audiovisual solutions can be integrated in a room and in the ICT infrastructure.


  • Optimal integration of equipment in rooms
  • Optimal integration of equipment in furniture
  • Advice regarding the right lighting for projection and video conferencing
  • Complete integration of cabling in walls, ceilings and floors
  • No sockets in visible areas
  • The right distribution of equipment in ceilings

To this end, please contact our certified interior architects. They speak “your language”, you can use them as a sparring-partner and they are more than happy to advise you on the optimal audiovisual infrastructure. Additionally, they can formulate an audiovisual section of the specifications or a complete Schedule of Requirements for you. Your services will be even better as a result.

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