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BIS|Econocom ICT development: extra possibilities and advantages

One of our unique services is that BIS|Econocom has its own in-house ICT development department where our developers work continuously on creating and refining a wide range of software for all kinds of applications. On the one hand, we develop customised software for clients who want more functionality from their audiovisual solutions, with all the associated benefits. On the other hand, our ICT developers come up with standardised solutions that offer specific benefits and can be used in numerous sectors by many different types of organisation. BIS ID software is a good example.

The applications are developed using various methods and are characterised by their user-friendliness and the extensive possibilities they provide. Within the context of ICT development, we also design, develop and link databases and create customised solutions for linking together different rooms and interfacing between different planning systems, linking facility management and maintenance systems, discussion and translation systems, video systems and audio conference systems, etc.

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