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BIS ID XLS Display – Welcome to the world of Excel

Microsoft Excel… one of the most widely used spreadsheet programs in the world. Wonderful software with unprecedented – and largely unknown – options. Excel is used in numerous organisations. Sometimes just to create an overview (who doesn’t?), but there are also Excel sheets that take months to create, Excel sheets that people have been working with for years and even Excel files with built-in links with large databases, that collect crucial data.

Much-needed flexibility in sharing data
However, at the moment that significant information from complex Excel files must be displayed automatically on screens, the flexibility and accessibility of Excel turns out to be disappointing. Visually disclosing strategic or operational significant data by information screens in an appealing way seems impossible and reprogramming XLS is –given the complexity, requirements, wishes and costs – often no alternative. As a result, information cannot be shared and the much-needed flexibility is lacking.

Excel disclosing problem
Despite the quest for a satisfactory solution many companies and institutions still face the ‘disclosing problem’ of Excel. Think of displaying the dashboard for the port company on large LCD screens showing the status of loading containers. Think of the production file for the maintenance of trains. Think of the planning for checking shipping containers for the customs. Situations where years of experience are locked in Excel files. Situations that call for a solution.

BIS ID XLS Display - visualise Excel data through Narrowcasting
Sometimes companies are forced to opt to reprogram the Excel files into a different language or database in order to be able to publish the information on screens; an expensive affair for people with long-term approach. Now there is also a quick and cheaper solution: BIS ID XLS Display. With the BIS ID XLS Display you can display any Excel worksheet on a narrowcasting screen regardless of the complexity or the number of links.

Web-based, flexible and scalable
The BIS ID XLS Display is a module of the BIS ID Content Runner. This combination gives you a web-based upload option for an unlimited number of Excel files. Per file you can specify what worksheet and which range should be displayed on the screens and the software will do the rest. Per file it is also possible to specify how often you would like to ‘refresh’. You can also schedule the times that the output must be visible and on which screens in your system this should be displayed.

Requirements BIS ID XLS Display
Usually we deliver the BIS ID XLS Display in an “on premises” solution considering the complexity of the Excel files. Therefore, a system is needed on which the software components can be installed. This system must run on at least Windows 2008 or higher. Furthermore, it is a prerequisite for successful deployment of this solution, that your Excel files can be opened without manual user intervention. If this is possible with your Excel files, we can deliver the solution as a cloud-based solution.

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