BIS ID Building Management Connector

BIS ID Building Management Connector: Insight into your sustainability

Would you like to inform your employees about the energy consumption within your organisation in an easy and consequent way? Would you like to make your employees aware of the impact of the daily operational management on CO2 emissions? Would you perhaps also like to reduce the consumption and to do business more sustainably? BIS|Econocom has the solution with the BIS ID Building Management Connector. Your energy and water consumption is displayed very clearly on your information screens.

Valuable data contained in building management systems

Priva creates sustainable solutions for the growing demand for scarce resources like energy and water by striving for welfare and optimum efficiency. Priva is a leading company in developing and producing technology to steer environmental conditions in an innovative way. Not only steering plays a major role. Also measurement is key in these solutions. Smart building management systems are essential for monitoring and measuring consumption data and contain valuable data about the energy performance of buildings.

Your data displayed on your information screens in a graphically appealing manner

To be able to easily display the valuable data from your building management system and in a graphically appealing manner to all your employees and other visitors of your building, BIS|Econocom has developed the BIS ID Building Management Connector. A smart link between the building management system and your narrowcasting solution. Because the data from your building management system are displayed automatically and real time on your information screens, all people present are clearly informed about the consumption of water, gas and light.

Awareness leads to savings

By informing your employees daily in a transparent manner about the consumption of gas, water and electricity within your organisation users are more aware of the impact on the environment of the daily operational management. With a positive side effect being that the sparing use of renewable raw materials is encouraged. The BIS ID Building Management Connector helps you to encourage people in a very easy way to be (even) more responsible with our planet.

Making comparisons with other periods

The options for displaying data are very diverse. It is for example possible to display the consumption real time. But also the consumption per week, month or even per year. It is also possible to compare the same period of the previous year to clarify the effect of conscious energy consumption and hence for the environment.

Displaying both energy consumption and energy generation

BIS ID Building Management Connector not only enables to publish your consumption of water, electricity and gas in an efficient and orderly manner but also the revenue from solar panels and wind turbines. In this way you can further strengthen your ambition to be fully CO2 neutral.

Displaying data the way you want, in your own corporate identity

The BIS ID Building Management Connector translates the data from your building management system into legible charts, tables and diagrams. Just the way you want it. You are free to determine yourself what information you would like to display and what not. For example, the data can be aligned to what you want to focus on within your organisation. Obviously the entire representation can be graphically designed in such a way that it fully matches the corporate identity of your organisation.

Publish additional information on the same platform

Because the database is linked to your narrowcasting solution it is obviously possible to also display other types of information in addition to consumption data. Think of (corporate) news, birthdays, weather and traffic information or social media streams. Everything integrated into one smart communication platform.

Other building management systems can be linked

Would you also like to visualise the sustainability of your organisation by displaying the CO2 footprint figures of your operational management on screens? Do you have a different kind of building management system? No problem. Our Software Engineers can create a link to a BIS ID narrowcasting solution for any type of building management system. The BIS ID Building Management Connector is suitable both for new narrowcasting solutions and for existing systems.

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