Training room

Training room for staff, students and customers

Lifelong learning. You have probably heard this phrase many times during recent years. And with good reason: knowledge is increasingly becoming one of the most valuable assets in an organisation. Knowledge equates to added value in very many organisations in numerous different sectors. So maintaining knowledge at a high level is of vital importance, both for employers and employees.

Training courses are an ideal instrument for increasing the level of knowledge of employees and customers. More and more organisations choose to set up one or more training rooms in order to optimally facilitate these training courses. In a training room, themes such as interactive working and flexibility are key priorities. A training room differs from “normal” classrooms in that it is often equipped with more extensive audiovisual facilities and interactive tools.

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For example, a training room is often not only equipped with an (interactive) image display device, such as an LCD/LED screen or projector for displaying the teaching material, but there is also a dome camera (a small camera on the ceiling that films the entire room) which records the training courses and archives them automatically for subsequent viewing or evaluation. In some cases, in large training rooms for example, these cameras are also used to display a large image of the speaker, or to allow course participants in a different room to view the proceedings. Company Emergency Response training courses are a typical example.

By equipping each individual workstation in the training room with a PC and small monitor, course participants can also be assessed directly, thereby giving the teacher clear information about the level of the group. Furthermore, this equipment can be completely integrated in the furniture so that loose items of equipment do not detract from the training room's structured character.

Obviously, high-quality audio and a central control system are also indispensable in a training room.

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