Optimising collaboration at Darling Ingredients

Darling Ingredients recently carried out several renovations. For example, a luxury meeting room has been created in the former director’s house. The design pays a lot of attention to a pleasant, open working environment with lots of daylight, space for meetings and cooperation, and optimal audio-visual technology.

Optimising new technology in collaboration with Darling Ingredients

Darling Ingredients Inc. is active worldwide in the sustainable and innovative processing of specific organic waste flows and animal by-products. The end products are used for pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, technical applications, fertilisers and bio-energy. The Son site is home to the company’s IT department, which supports all 72 branches worldwide.

Open-plan offices, office space and meeting rooms

Darling Ingredients recently carried out various renovations on its campus. For example, the central entrance changed and a luxury meeting room was created in the former director’s house. This has given Darling Ingredients approx. 1,200 m² of premium office space, consisting of open-plan offices, office space and meeting rooms. The design pays a lot of attention to a pleasant, open working environment with lots of daylight, room for meetings and cooperation and optimal audio-visual technology.

User-friendly, intuitive as well as safe

In addition to sufficient workplaces and an optimal indoor climate, high demands were placed on the aesthetics and technologies in the renovation, says Bart de Groot, Manager Service & Support at Darling Ingredients. “We are an international organisation with offices on five continents, with which we are in daily contact. In order to optimise this contact, we looked for audio-visual systems that are not only compatible with the protocols of the old Tandberg video conference systems, but also with the latest technology. Systems that ready are for a future in which all aspects of Office365 are optimally utilised. User-friendly, intuitive as well as safe.”

Ten Barco ClickShare units

“In order to meet this demand, we supplied a 98” 4K screen for the large reception area and integrated it nicely into a BIS VisionWall, including professional sound installation, wireless microphones and Barco ClickShare units for wireless presentation and meetings”, says Jordan Wingers, Senior Account Manager at BIS. “The Barco ClickShare dongles can be easily linked to a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, after which content can be shared on the central presentation screen at the touch of a button. Without any loss of quality. Through the Barco CSE-200, up to sixteen users can connect and two users can present simultaneously.” In total, BIS supplied ten Barco ClickShare units, for the various spaces.

Video conference with Speak & Track

For the former director’s house, which is mainly used for board member meetings, BIS supplied a 82" intuitive touch screen monitor, including a progressive video conference system with Speak & Track camera tracking system, says Wingers. “the system consists of two cameras that continuously follow the people at the table. Thanks to an automatic control function, the person who is speaking is always shown on the screen. The beauty of this solution is that it also makes people who are sitting at the back clearly visible and intelligible.”

Connection to vision Darling Ingredients

The technologies integrated by BIS fit in perfectly with Darling Ingredients’ vision where online collaboration, meetings and online file sharing are becoming increasingly important, according to De Groot. “It is not without reason that in 2014 we were one of the first organisations in the Netherlands to switch to the cloud, work entirely in Office365 and started with the Microsoft Surface Hubs, which were supplied and installed by BIS.”

Collaborate internationally with Microsoft Surface Hub

Wingers: “The Microsoft Surface Hub is an all-in-one monitor from Microsoft, including multi-point touch functionality and video communication. Running the system in a Windows environment gives users a familiar feeling and makes it easy to access and share content from other programs, including Microsoft Office. Remote participants are always visible and can give their input – anywhere in the world, share content and see and take notes, which are instantly synchronised and stored.”

Hybrid solution

In the meeting rooms, the Microsoft Surface Hubs are neatly concealed in a multimedia wall, in the same style as the rest of the interior. A control panel (tablet) on the table allows for simple and intuitive operation, whereby, thanks to a link with the Skype for Business address book, direct contact can be made with employees in other branches. And where you can easily and quickly switch between the latest technology and more traditional ways.

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