Presentation room

Make an impression with a practical presentation room

You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. So creating a perfect presentation room where you can receive customers and suppliers is of great importance.

At BIS|Econocom, our goal is to create the best possible presentation room for you; a fully furnished and equipped environment for giving attractive presentations and professionally sharing information. A combination of inspiring interior design, top quality products, personal advice, professional installation and expert after-sales support results in a presentation room where making presentations is both fun and attractive.

Here are some examples of what goes to make up a practical presentation room. A touch LCD/LED display or interactive whiteboard, a sound system that is neatly integrated into the screen fascia and a wireless mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, connectivity plays a major role in your meeting rooms. We can equip your meeting room with the right solution for connecting your choice of source appliances to the central equipment, either wirelessly or via cables. You can retrieve and discuss the required data in both full-screen and split-screen displays.

Obviously meeting room furniture, the control panel, a DVD player, wiring, amplifiers, all connections and cable management are also indispensable elements. All of which can be provided by BIS|Econocom.

In short: BIS|Econocom has all the ingredients to hand for creating a multifunctional presentation room that will satisfy your requirements for many years to come.

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