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LED and LCD displays

If you are looking to display information in a public place, in sharp focus with no loss of detail and in realistic colour then LCD and LED displays are the perfect solution for you. BIS|Econocom is your partner for LCD and LED displays from leading brands, available in a range of sizes. As a certified Samsung reseller we stand for quality, convenience and service. Many of our LED and LCD displays are suitable for round-the-clock use. They are equipped with advanced cooling systems and clever security features, they are also vandal-proof. We would be delighted to advise you on the most suitable size and specification for your situation. Read more about LED and LCD screens.

You can view details of the range of LED and LCD screens we have available by clicking on the link. Did you know there are also transparent LCD displays?

Advantages of LED displays

In addition to traditional LCD displays, BIS|Econocom also offers LCD displays with LED backlighting. These are sometimes called LED displays. LED technology provides even greater detail, extremely realistic colour reproduction and an intensive viewing experience. Furthermore, LED displays are more compact – the screen is just a few centimetres thick – and consume substantially less power, which benefits the environment.

Interactive touch displays

A number of the large-format LCD and LED screens in the BIS|Econocom range are also available as interactive touch displays. Thanks to intelligent touch technology, these screens offer rapid and precise interactive functionality and are highly suitable for all kinds of application. Using your finger or a digital pen, you can draw directly on the screen, make notes, word-process documents, view videos, surf the internet, etc. These screens offer advantages like excellent image clarity and detail, realistic colour reproduction and a long life-span. The displays are available in a range of formats. BIS|Econocom will be more than happy to advise you on which “touch” solution is the most suitable for you. Both the user group and the environment determine which model you need. Read more about interactive touch screens.

Please browse through our on-line overview for more touch displays and interactive LCD/LED screens.

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