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BIS ID Interactive: create your own multi-touch interaction

BIS ID Interactive is an innovative software for making your own interactive touch applications in reception, lobby and other (public) spaces. User-friendly, easy to manage and versatile. Because you offer the application to your public on an interactive kiosk, touch table or totem, its attractive look will attract your visitors almost automatically.

Accessible and interactive

BIS ID Interactive solution allows your clients and associates to get acquainted with your organisation, shop or branch in a fun and modern way. The extensive opportunities draw the attention of quite a diverse public. For example, let your visitors browse digitally through your brochures, videos and photos. But it is also possible to find products/services, fill in questionnaires, have your digital guestbook written in… and more.

Smart selector, choose effectively

If, for instance, you would like to use the software to let your public get acquainted with your product range in an interactive way, the ‘selector’ function ensures that they quickly and easily find the right product, service, education or application by choosing product features such as price, colour or material. The, by selecting a product additional information such as a detailed description or technical specifications is/are shown.

Different applications

  • Show videos, photos, social media, news, and other information on screens to make the wait more pleasant. You can also choose interactive content that lets your visitors discover the ins and outs of your organisation in a fun way. Read more about Waiting entertainment and Infotainment.
  • For example, interactively show your range to your public. By choosing various product features such as price, colour or material, your customer can easily find the right product or service with a detailed description or technical specifications. Read more about Waiting entertainment and Infotainment.
  • You can even replace your reception with a digital variant: all your visitors have to do is log in digitally, search by department, job function or name, and subsequently contact them directly. This will streamline your processes, save costs and give the visitor an active role (many people think this is a very nice touch). Would you like to know more about the Digital Reception?
  • The selfie function with integrated Facebook link is simple and ludicrous. Create a special environment in which visitors use the BIS ID Interactive app to take a selfie and post it on Facebook with a press of the button. This will help enthuse your visitors, provide a positive brand, product or service experience, and generate more Facebook exposure at the same time.

More information? Experience it yourself?

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