Interactieve Product Selector

You can allow your range to be discovered interactively

We have a ready-to-use solution that allows your public to interact with your product range: the Interactive Product Selector. Your interactive catalogue is displayed on a standing pillar or touch table, allowing users to browse the catalogue very intuitively using a simple touch screen. The solution works off-line, which means no (more) internet services are required.

All the information at your fingertips

Using the smart “selector” feature, your customer can quickly and easily find the product or service he/she is looking for. You decide on the product characteristics your customers will use for their search in the selector; for example: price, colour or material. When a product is opened, additional information such as additional pictures, a detailed description and/or technical specifications is displayed.

The BIS|Econocom Interactive Product Selector means you can still offer great service to your customers, even if you cannot speak to him/her directly. The same is true for those customers who would like to compare products and/or services by themselves.

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