WePresent: share your files quickly and wirelessly

The WePresent is a user-friendly system to wirelessly send your data to your presentation screen. The small device, that looks like a router, can be placed in any room. By connecting WePresent to your projector or LCD display you can wirelessly share data and video from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The WePresent solutions are wireless access points that work with WiFi. If you have an existing WiFi infrastructure, we advise you to look closely to the WiFi settings of the WePresent. Without a proper configuration of these the performance and accessibility of your existing wireless network may be influenced. Hence, you should always consult your own IT department or simply contact BIS|Econocom.

Basic model: WePresent 1000

The WePresent 1000 is the ultimate wireless system for wireless presentations in, for instance, small meeting rooms and classrooms. The WiPG 1000 has all the basic functions to wirelessly send your data and video to your presentation screen. This way, you can wirelessly display videos and photos but also PowerPoint presentations and other Office documents on a (large) presentation screen from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The WePresent 1000 has a split screen function with which you can show the content of four different devices simultaneously on one screen. Thus you add extra vigour to your meetings and presentations. In addition, the WiPG 1000 offers the possibility to let participants save the slides of the presentation on their device.

WePresent 1500 with Whiteboard function

The WePresent 1500 offers the same options as the WePresent 1000, but has additional Full HD streaming, touch control and a whiteboard function. If you use the WiPG 1500 in combination with an interactive whiteboard or touch screen it is possible to (also wirelessly!) operate the presentation by touching the screen surface.

In addition, the WiPG 1500 has an integrated whiteboard function. It allows you to use your touch screen as a whiteboard without connecting a PC. You plug the WePresent 1500 in the USB port of the screen and can you immediately start the whiteboard function and begin writing. This is very convenient for spontaneous consultation with a colleague or a brainstorm session.

WePresent 2000 for large venues or multiple rooms

The WiPG 2000 allows you to send the same data to four image carriers simultaneously. If for example you have a large conference room or boardroom with multiple displays you can send the same content to all displays, so everyone present can see it properly. But also for interested parties outside the room who have to be able to watch, the WePresent 2000 offers a good, reliable and affordable solution.

In addition, the WiPG 2000 is fitted with a faster processor and a large internal memory. This provides the opportunity to automatically save your files temporary on the device to then display the highest image quality. Finally the MirrorOn Presenter enables you to directly mirror your Android or iOS device on your presentation screen and for instance share your browser or live camera images.

There is a suitable system to present wirelessly for each organisation. Together with you our advisors gladly check which option is best for you. Please call +31 180 - 486 777 , email or chat with us.

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