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Wireless connectivity: present wirelessly from any device

Notebooks, tablets, smartphones. The devices used on the work floor seem to spring up out of the ground like mushrooms. This also gives rise to the desire to share the data on these devices and to present it directly to colleagues, clients or other stakeholders. Preferably without using USB sticks, CDs or cables. The WePresent and Clickshare make this easy to accomplish.

The WePresent is a small device that looks like a router and can be positioned in any room where a presentation is to take place. With this device it is possible to send data from any device via a Wi-Fi connection (i.e. wirelessly) to a projector or flat panel display in that room, even in HD quality. Possibilities include movies and photos, but also PowerPoint presentations and music. The split screen function even makes it possible to display content from four devices on one screen at the same time. Up to 64 users can connect simultaneously to the WePresent and easily take over the screen from the other participants.

Read more about the various WePresent systems.

Barco's Clickshare also makes it possible to show information from your laptop wirelessly and simultaneously on your projector, LCD/LED screen or digital whiteboard. You simply plug the USB one-click button into your laptop and the image is displayed on your screen or whiteboard in one click. Even sound is transmitted to the audio system of the meeting room.

Discover which Barco Clickshare system suits you.

In short, the WePresent and Clickshare are easy ways of coordinating your audiovisual infrastructure with the growing BYOD trend and allows you to benefit in a very smart and cost-effective way from even more ease of presentation in your meeting rooms. The information from up to four devices can be displayed simultaneously on the screen. The Clickshare system will automatically display the best possible resolution.

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