Barco Clickshare

Barco Clickshare for each type of user

Clickshare is Barcos answer to very recognisable problems experienced in meeting rooms by millions of people worldwide. This innovative solution addresses the hassle of connecting your laptop or tablet to the audiovisual equipment present in the room and enables you to share the content on your laptop or other device wirelessly with other participants within 10 seconds of entering the room. In other words: when you enter a meeting room and you see a Clickshare set on the table, you only have to concentrate on the meeting – not on the technology.

The entry-level model: CS-100

The Barco CS-100 is the entry-level model for small groups and huddle rooms, where wirelessly sharing content from a laptop or mobile device is desirable. With one click everyone - including guests - can connect and share content immediately. Simply plug the Clickshare button in the USB port of your PC or Mac and click on the button to share the contents of your laptop on the screen of the conference room. With the Clickshare App users are also able to share content from their mobile phones or tablets.

Barco CS-100 is a stand-alone model with an HDMI output, with which a maximum of 8 users can connect and one user can share content simultaneously.

For the sharers: CSE-200

In many situations the CS-100 doesn’t offer sufficient options. Barco has developed the Clickshare CSE-200 especially for these situations. The Barco CSE-200 offers the Clickshare experience for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. With one click everyone can easily connect his laptop, PC or Mac wirelessly with the central image carrier. A training is not required.

Users simply connect the plug of a USB powered device - the Clickshare button - in their PC or Mac and click the button to display the contents of their laptop on the large conference room screen. Do you have a tablet or a smartphone? No problem! With the Clickshare App or via Airplay users can also share content from their mobile phone or tablets. The Barco CSE 200 connects to a monitor, touch screen or projector through an HDMI cable.

The Clickshare CSE-200 comes with extensive Clickshare security features such as encryption, log in management, https and the option to hide the SSID of the wireless network of the base station.

With the Barco CSE-200 a maximum of sixteen users can connect and two users can present simultaneously.

For your high-end boardroom: CSC-1

If you use two projectors or two LCD/LED screens, the more than complete Barco Clickshare CSC-1 is the right choice. The Barco CSC-1 Clickshare system is fully compatible with the Clickshare USB buttons and the apps for mobile devices, and is optimised for secure and efficient use in professional meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Because up to four users can simultaneously display a presentation on the screen, the Clickshare CSC-1 provides the complete Clickshare cooperation experience. In addition, up to 64 buttons can be connected wirelessly to the CSC-1 base station, ready to share. The perfect synchronised sound and image ensure that film clips can be displayed optimally.

In short: with the Barco Clickshare CSC-1 a maximum of 64 users can connect and four users can present simultaneously.

The renewed Clickshare line-up at a glance

Barco CS-100 Barco CSE-200 Barco CSC-1
  • A maximum of 1 user on the screen
  • Sharing the laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Full HD presenting
  • Comes with 1 USB button
  • Standalone operation (no central management)
  • Limited range
  • Standard security
  • A maximum of 2 users on the screen
  • Sharing the laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • AirPlay, MirrorOp, iOS app, Android app
  • Full HD presenting
  • Comes with 2 USB buttons
  • Standalone or integrated in the network
  • A maximum of 4 users on the screen
  • Sharing the laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • AirPlay, MirrorOp, iOS app, Android app
  • 4K, Ultra wide or Full HD presenting
  • Comes with 4 USB buttons
  • Standalone or integrated in the network

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