In the cloud

Hassle-free videoconferencing in the cloud

Of course you want to use your video conference system without fuss and bother. The focus must be on the meeting rather than whether the technology works, all the connections have been set correctly, the bandwidth is sufficient to allow scaling up, etc. BIS|Econocom Managed Video Services resolves all your concerns in this area.

We provide your virtual meeting room

The core benefit of BIS|Econocom Managed Video Services is that we set up a virtual meeting room for you, to which every participant (end-point) makes a connection that allows everyone to communicate with everyone else, independently of the brand or type of video conference system being used or the type of network the user operates (IP or ISDN). The major benefit is that extending/scaling up the number of participants does not have a negative effect on your in-house network capacity, so there is no impact on the other processes that depend on your network. You only need a single connection to the virtual meeting room.

The benefits of videoconferencing in the cloud

  • Professional advice regarding optimal infrastructure
  • Creation of a virtual meeting room
  • Scalability and flexibility, so no capacity problems
  • High reliability and security
  • Recording and archiving functionalities
  • Brand-independent and suited to every network
  • Helpdesk support and telephone operator function
  • On a contract basis

Attractive investment model

The investment model used by BIS|Econocom Managed Video Services is also very attractive. BIS|Econocom pays for the video infrastructure. Your investment is limited to paying for the hardware, paying the charges for connecting your network to the video infrastructure and a monthly fee for the use of the video infrastructure.

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