Bring your own device

Are you considering BYOD? Let BIS|Econocom support you!

Notebooks, tablets, smartphones. The devices used on the work floor seem to spring up like mushrooms. It is increasingly common for employees to bring in their own equipment from their homes. BYOD is the name of this trend. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. Convenient for the users, but how does your IT department feel about it?

BYOD reflects how relationships within organisations have changed. Today, contrary to the situation of approximately 5 years ago, your employees use high-quality, interactive and intelligent equipment for their work and to gather and share information. Most of them are now so used to this type of equipment that personal smartphones or tablets are also used for business purposes increasingly often. While that can have a favourable effect on your IT costs, your IT department continues to play just as important a role as previously.

For example, backing up data and ensuring data security. Or the way in which Bring Your Own equipment has to be able to communicate with your audiovisual solutions. BIS|Econocom can help you with this. In the form of mobile device management, for example, which allows you to take charge of management of all the devices in your organisation and create a separate personal domain and professional domain for smartphones and other devices. This approach allows company data to be safeguarded and deleted remotely if an employee leaves the company.

In the years to come, we expect a steady increase in the use of (private) mobile devices. During meetings and presentations as well. This can only improve the degree of interactivity during meetings! But obviously, your audiovisual infrastructure has to be configured to suit this BYOD trend. And that's another area where BIS|Econocom will be glad to support you. Read more about presenting wirelessly from any device?

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Meeting room of the future

The movie below shows the results of a study into the meeting room of the future.

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